1. sweet
2. likes strawberries
3. hates cherries
4. smartest boy in class
5. charming lito thing
Hey Muffin head!
by Princess Cherry February 20, 2003
when a girl's fat is hanging off and out of their pants.
that girls jeans were way to tight and i really did not want to see those muffins
by Kinyata January 01, 2006
muffin = best boyfriend in the world.!!
i love my baby-MUFFINS.!!!
my boyfriend is princess-MUFFINS.! he's pretty and nice.!
by melissa April 24, 2005
allie , the girl that likes the cock way too much
Man, muffin is all up on my piece all the time.
by JewBag October 31, 2003
A drug releasing you from the mundane, usually, when done with a mellow interior and open mind, will allow you to realize how you're being fucked every day of your life.

SEE: mushrooms, shrooms, magic mushrooms
Hey man dude, these muffins are sensational!!!
by Peterson McBee October 09, 2005
When a girl wears a bra too small, so the tops of her breasts spill out. Also known sometimes as quadroboobs.
Check out da muffins on dat ho, I help her wit dat prollem!
by BLOCK BURNA August 31, 2005
to be intimate with a donkey
Muffin the Mule
by MuffinTheMule March 02, 2004

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