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A scampy or rascally child, especially one that is dirty. Also used to describe an adult that is behaving in a childish fashion.
"Did you smear that ice cream all over your face? You are such a mudget."

"You really played hooky from work just to see the new Avengers move? Dude, you are such a mudget."
by pseudonym10.0.0.1 June 12, 2013
13 -2
A midget addicted to sex with nothing on it's mind but when they could be in the next upcoming porno called "midgets like it dirty and in the ass part 2"
"Those dirty ass midgets in the porno videos in your local adult shops that like to take it in the ass"
by K DAWG December 29, 2004
6 21
Mudget is a fucking midget...
My bother is a 4'2" MUDGET that is fucked up....
by Dude Guy December 29, 2004
1 20