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A lizard that is covered in mud. Nothing more, nothing less.
"Yes, I would eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars" -Overly Attached Girlfried
by Hazzat July 04, 2012
Something Laina Walker would eat for one million dollars.
Yes, I would eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars.
by gnomey July 08, 2012
Something Laina (Overly attached girlfriend) would eat for a million dollars
"I would definitely eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars"
by KatieW July 05, 2012
The use of anal sex whilst the receiver has not cleaned their anus.
Joe told Jessica: "no don't wipe, i want a muddy lizard"
by TheMuddyLizardMan February 12, 2015
Wow, there are already this many definitions for this, directly after that video? Sorry internet but we need to get lives.
"Hey did you read the definition to muddy lizard?" - Friend.

"Yeah, I really starting to hope the world ends in 2012." - Me.
by huhhhhhhhhhhh09 July 16, 2012
A shit covered dick
Laina622, would you eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars?

Laina: Yes. For one million dollars, I would eat a muddy lizard.
by treebobjoe July 06, 2012
When a males cock is Covered in feces after having anal sex
The definition of "muddy lizard"
by Analfun2 July 06, 2012
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