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10 definitions by Hazzat

A lizard that is covered in mud. Nothing more, nothing less.
"Yes, I would eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars" -Overly Attached Girlfried
by Hazzat July 04, 2012
Eating Off Floor Laughing.

Because sometimes things are just so funny, that simply rolling on the floor will not do.
A: ...but not hot dogs!
B: AHAHAHAHA dude so funny lol
C: eofl
by Hazzat November 12, 2009
The brony equivalent of being in the closet.

A brony that is in the stable has not yet told anyone outside of the internet about their love for My Little Pony, for fear of damaging relationships or alienating people.
John's favourite pony was Rarity, but he couldn't bring himself to put pictures of her on his wall because he was still in the stable.
by Hazzat October 02, 2011
A greeting. Can be used instead of 'hi'.
Keuys, guys!
by Hazzat March 17, 2009
Like a hangover, but is instead caused by playing too much Halo the night before.
Oh, boy. I really regret playing my Xbox all last night... It gave me the worst Halo-over ever.
by Hazzat December 05, 2009
A cry of victory. Literally means 'how's that?'
And the blues score in the final 30 seconds!
by Hazzat April 25, 2009
To animate a small object or objects.
I aminimated my LEGO men earlier.
by Hazzat March 27, 2009