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referring to an ugly girl
Hell naw, I ain't messin wt dat mudduck
(Hell naw i ain't messin wit her)
by parker December 09, 2002
102 62
A female with less than admirable attributes
That bitch is a mud duck.
by ps September 05, 2003
527 307
Adjective to describe an ugly female. Mud is for the make-up caked on, and duck because she's no swan.
Nah, I ain't fuckin' that mudduck you can have her!
by SHIPoNE March 10, 2005
226 65
An atrocious-looking female. This girl has to be so horrible that she doesn't even qualify as a duck.
Damn! That shawty look like she been suckin on neckbones dipped in crisco. That fat hoe is a straight mud duck
by Jay Avery April 29, 2006
375 331
A white chick who births multiple interracial babies with men who will never be a father to or pay support for them.
Another Mud-Duck was on Maury looking fo her baby daddy.
by YTWhitegirl August 18, 2011
48 30
I white girl that dates black guys.
Yeah, she looks good, but she's a mud duck.
by RevODB January 03, 2011
189 184
An ugly female who thinks her possessions makes her cute.
She think she cute cuz she got her own but she still a mud duck.
by realistic1 August 21, 2013
6 11