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the lazy mans way of saying motherfucker, most possibley someone wit a bad accent.
dat stupid muddafudda stood on my new kicks!
by alex 'hodgey' hodgson March 28, 2005
A an exclaimation used first by the albino kevin cunningham, once thought to be an insult or a way to express frustration,is now sheerly used for entertainment
"oh MUDDA FUDDA!!!!!"
by C_to_the_burt April 13, 2006
Sounds like "mother fucker". Another funny way of saying it.
Joe: Did you hear about Andrew? He totally slept with Jennie to get me pissed. He knows I like her.

Ben: I know right? What a Mudda Fudda!
by papaya_95 August 01, 2009