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when you fuck someone in the ass and cum, then lick their butt crack, suck the juices out, and then kiss them
Mike and Mark like to mudcake each other every night before they hit the showers...........then during the shower as well.
by fghd November 24, 2003
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secret cakes that you hide
Where the F*** did I hide my mud cakes?
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
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A heavier version of the humble cupcake, requiring the mudcaker to position their fart-factory as close to the mouth of the mudcakee as possible before blasting an air biscuit. Easiest to achieve when the victim is sleeping, though more satisfying when they know it's happened.
Dude Tim just mudcaked me, it's so heavy and rich!
by fartsoffortune September 08, 2010
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