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when you fuck someone in the ass until its blown out enough to roll their legs over their head, sit on them like a toilet, and shit into their ass for pleasure, also called gasterbating
colt w took the poor boy to mud bog(gasterbate).
by n youse October 04, 2009
13 10
The act of driving rediciously modified trucks, preferably Chevrolets 1973-87 (91 on subs and blazers), through vast expanses of increasingly deep and gooey mud.
I got my truck stuck at the mudbog last weekend.
by Calclips March 10, 2004
16 0
When you motor boat someones butt cheeks
Ay yo girl let me mud bog that ass
by mudbogpro March 05, 2014
0 1
someone who takes it in the ass!
Wanna go mudbogging?
Hell no! Nothing goes in my ass
by amy stahl March 09, 2007
4 8