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a derogatory word towards the minority race of a nigger
"Look daddy theres a great big mud man!!!"

"daddy there is a mud man in the bath room who tried to play a game of butt darts with me, his name was bubba."
by tyler boyles October 22, 2006
10 6
Mudman is a noun in the English language, most notable for its usage in a pejorative context to refer to people of Sri Lankan decent (generally people of Tamil and Sinhalese), and also as an informal slang term, among other contexts. It is a common ethnic slur. The word originated in Ontario, Canada to describe the constant tensions between Sri Lankans and other racial groups.
Sanjith: Sri Lankans are gunna take the streets!

James: Shut up! You fucking Mudman!
by Jacob - Oxford Uni Student July 27, 2011
4 2
The mud engineer on an oil rig
"Go get that morning report from the mudman."
by Logger March 13, 2008
5 3
anal sex freak.
he was such a mudman
by pappapittmudman February 04, 2004
12 10
a white person who looks like they are from an ethnic background.
look at that mud man
by tomclowser123 July 23, 2009
0 3
The Greatest Band Alive!!! and they're Canadian
Check them out at mudmen.ca
by Kiera January 27, 2005
5 15