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Mucky Scottish slamg meaning dirty.
"Git yer erse ootae that field Jimmy, yer troosers are aw mucky"


"James, please would you comeout of the farmers pasture, your trousers are getting covered in mud."
by Ross Douglas April 29, 2005
A gyal who sleeps about or has given heads before, a slag, a jezebelle, a whore, a hoe.
Yo blud them gyal are muckies, you'll get heads standard.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
Mean, When Someone Does Something Mean
"Why is he being so mucky to that girl?"
by Breanna February 21, 2004
Something that you shouldn't like but you love it anyway in a euphoric feeling.
She's a mucky little character.
by GloshJB August 31, 2015
The result of a heavy session of intoxicating substances
Getting mucky "After necking three pills I start getting a bit mucky, well mucky";"since that shot of Absinthe I'm starting to get mucky"
To be mucky "I'm well mucky"
by SickboyUD June 16, 2007
To get disgustingly drunk - more drunk than messy, more drunk than plastered... just the drunkest state you can be in!
Amanda: Wow how drunk is Tony tonight
Joe: Haha, Tony is so drunk he's mucky!
by madman1 January 25, 2010
Slang for drugs used on the east coast.
The feds is watching but we still move mucky.
by Kahlid October 03, 2006
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