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A sorry ass man who won`t step up to the plate and be a daddy!
Is Tyrone paying child support for his baby?

You know his dead beat ass ain`t paying shit!
by Breanna June 14, 2006
a person who is so damn sexy... you'd fuck em rite there
I dont dive a shit whos around... shes sexycore!
by breanna January 23, 2004
jessica rabbit... even though she's not real, you'd turn lesbian for her!
If you're sexycor, then you're jiz-worthy
by breanna February 13, 2004
Mean, When Someone Does Something Mean
"Why is he being so mucky to that girl?"
by Breanna February 21, 2004
punk rock was all about your attitude... it was a way of life. You didn't give a shit what other people thought, cuz they never gave a shit about you.
punk rocks dead, sorry, but people are too much now.
by breanna January 24, 2004
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