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When u fuck someone in poo.
person #1)I had the craziest muck fuck last night yo.
person #2)Ur a crazy bitch. I would never muck fuck a fuckin chick u fuck
by Poonum April 20, 2005
1. n. An individual who walks so slowly (usually right in front of you) that it seems as if they must be bogged down in some sort of mire. Also, one who walks with excess swagger and achieves the same effect.

2. v. The act of doing the aforesaid.
Teacher: Jack, why are you late for my class?

Jack: Sorry Ms. Porter, there was a pack of muck fucks dragging ass down the hallway.

Teacher: I understand completely.


Jack: I'm sick and tired of muck-fucking walls of idiots taking up the entire hallway!
by Factuality April 20, 2010
having anal sex without douching first so you ram your cock into a wall of shit in her/his ass
hey did you fuck that bitch from the bar last night?

no she had a shit fetish so she wanted to muck fuck

by real life fag February 01, 2013
The act of fucking a man or woman who has been fucked and internally ejaculated into by no less than 3 previous parties in a 30 minute period.
"That bitch was a total muck fuck!"


"I's about to be gettin' meself into a serious muck fuck, Argghhh!"
by veegee75 January 15, 2009
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