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Make Shit Happen. To get something done quickly.
Lets go man, come on MSH!
by todman June 03, 2005
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Another way of showing you find something humorous. Synonymous with lol, haha, rofl etc. Different variations show how funny it was (msh, mshmshmsh, MSHMSH!)
Person: Last night's episode was so funny!
Other person: msh, I know.

Person: Oh my God, I've locked myself out of the house.
Other person: MSHMSH! You loser.
by Zac n Stacy February 23, 2011
"Me So Horny." An abbreviation used to refer to one's increased libido during conversations that occur whilst in public, so as not to offend old people or people with little kids.
"Man, I've got a terrible case of MSH today."

"Me too!!"
by basika April 07, 2010
The phrase "Msh" was originally founded at Sunnyside High School by the Blue Devil News team like a few years ago. It was first "nomshk", which was "no I'm just kidding" then it turned to be "msh" then "huhhhhf" and now back to "Msh."
by blue devil_2011 March 01, 2010
One who bitches about things he is not always fully informed of. Also, one who bases his (negative) opinion of something on an early example and refuses to change it when it has improved.
Great, now you're being an MSH.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003

Short way to text 'My stomach hurts' and you have to go.
"MSH Gtg bro"

"Msh brb kk?"
by NobodyKnowsMe009 March 23, 2014
Man She's Hot!

refering to a bitch that is very much fuckable.
MSH! Damn, i'd love to get it up here crack!
by Pred01 December 10, 2003

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