inter. Basically when one wants to freak out his friends, he will say mrowr or make other noises such as meows, purring, or hissing usu. coupled with licking of the hands or scratching of the face of the listener
Person:"So whats up?"
Friend:"Mrowr?" (Scratches person's face)
by Paddie December 04, 2004
Top Definition
def. 1:
sound made by a cat and/or person pretending to be a cat.

def. 2:
sound of slight frustration. usually combined with ack and a ">.<" kind of face. see gah, blah, and grawr.

def. 1 ex.
person 1: "duuude why are you wearing cat ears?"
person 2: "mrowr."
person 1: "um... right then."
person 2: "mrowr."

def. 2 ex.
person 1: so howd'ja think ya did on the test?
person 2: ack mrrrrOWR! >.<
person 1: yeesh, that bad, huh?
by TheFiend. May 08, 2008
A cute way of saying "I love you" like a baby tiger. Deprived from a Pon and Zi cartoon strip, a little tiger adorably says "mrowr" to Pon and Zi, possibly showing cute affection.
Pon/Zi: "HALT, FIEND!!"
Adorable Tiger: "mrowr (:"
by mr salmon face April 27, 2011
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