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Mazda MPV which, contrary to common belief, is an abbreviation for Moon Patrol Vehicle.
What? Scott totalled the old MPV on the way to the DMV?
by BMG December 17, 2002
multi-purpose vehicle. There is only one and its the crazy white Wrangler you see around good old CrAzY WyO... it can take anything.
The MPV is the shit!
by Sam Snyder September 07, 2004
MPV = Melting Pot Victim.

People who seemingly lost their roots, who think of themselves as being non-OTBs, who either lost respect for their motherland language and hence the ability to use it properly, or those who never had it.
Being an MPV is much worse than being an OTB.
by swallowmybody January 19, 2006
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