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MPU (mobile party unit). A core group of partiers who always party together, week after week, regardless. They MPU consists of only the most intense individuals who stay true to partying.
Joe: So the MPU rolled up to Gary's house last night.

Bill: Dayumm, those guys are hardcore

Joe: Fuck yeah they are, they left at noon the next day and had a box of bagel bites and Keystones for breakfast.
by P-hil G March 01, 2009
36 1
Male Parental Unit refers to the husband of the married girlfriend for which you are having an extramarital affair with.
What is your alibi for the MPU this week? I have time to hook up. The MPU just took the kids to the ballgame.
by icarusymwv January 21, 2010
5 0
M.P.U. is an acronym for Mounted Practice Unit. This unit contains a dildo with a shoulder mount that surounds the head. The M.P.U. has a motor that moves the dildo back and forth. The point of this device is to practice oral sex with a guy.
I suck at giving head, I need to go home and practice with my M.P.U.
by A-ron123 October 31, 2006
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