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Stands for the Muffin Pie Man.
Someone who gave up everything to be with his APA and sworn to love and protect his APA forever.
Never fear, MPM is here.
by applepieangel June 20, 2008
Common typo for lol.
Most of the time it happens when you don't look at the keyboard or when you are typing really fast :p

Other common typos are kik and ;p;
person 1:HAHA lol

person 2:HAHA that's some funny shit mpm

person 2:lol*
by triforce228 March 08, 2009
Male PreMenstrual Syndrom.

When a male has frequent mood swings, just like a girl on her period.
Example 1- Kevin is MPMSing again, i cant listen to him bitch anymore!
Example 2- Have you talked to Kevin today?

Nah, I'm trying to avoid his MPMS rage.
by betcccccchh (: April 21, 2010
Men's Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

PMS, but for men. It occurs when the man in the relationship receives an extreme overdose of female bitchiness, often resulting in massive headaches, heavy drinking, and short-term traumatization.
Man, John's really been hitting the bottle tonight

Yeah he's got MPMS


...Did his brains just explode?

Yeah, he gets it pretty bad, I hear he's having an affair with Hillary Clinton
by Heugh G. Reckshun March 28, 2010
PMS for boys. It is merely phenominon addressing the issues that boys have in general. When they are moody, mean and think they are too cool yet, they only hang out with themselves
Harison wants to hang out with himself again, he must have M.P.M.S
by Cowabuka Golding August 01, 2007