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The lead singer in Dir en Grey's attempt at saying the word Mother in both the song Cage and Embryo
Cage: Hitan yue ni bidoku miezu
Kimi wa saigo no moza de
Kioku umete kizukarenu youni
Saisho no moza

Embryo: Deadly Sweet moza
nikushimi to hakike saki gaman
shite machimashou dakare nagara
My Sweet moza hohoende kokoro
ga ne harisakete waratteru
by SemeUkeShinya July 27, 2009
is an egyptian experision ( most arabs use it as well )means chick , a very beautifull girl
ohhhh my god , did u see this girl , she is moza
by P_PRINCE5 March 03, 2007
Arabic word for banana

used to refer to cute Arabic girls with lighter complexions
"is that jouanna?"
"yea man it is"

she replies
by Sdot. M June 01, 2009
It's an arabic name.
A cool chick. Generally very down to earth. Also really pretty.
A:Her name is Moza
B:That's hot ;)
by ZIPPO-55 July 14, 2009
An older male (50+) who wanks regularly
Bob: check that guy out, he looks like a petifile

Bill: nah, more like a Moza
by mcmurderdeath86 March 24, 2009