The lead singer in Dir en Grey's attempt at saying the word Mother in both the song Cage and Embryo
Cage: Hitan yue ni bidoku miezu
Kimi wa saigo no moza de
Kioku umete kizukarenu youni
Saisho no moza

Embryo: Deadly Sweet moza
nikushimi to hakike saki gaman
shite machimashou dakare nagara
My Sweet moza hohoende kokoro
ga ne harisakete waratteru
by SemeUkeShinya July 27, 2009
Top Definition
is an egyptian experision ( most arabs use it as well )means chick , a very beautifull girl
ohhhh my god , did u see this girl , she is moza
by P_PRINCE5 March 03, 2007
Arabic word for banana

used to refer to cute Arabic girls with lighter complexions
"is that jouanna?"
"yea man it is"

she replies
by Sdot. M June 01, 2009
It's an arabic name.
A cool chick. Generally very down to earth. Also really pretty.
A:Her name is Moza
B:That's hot ;)
by ZIPPO-55 July 14, 2009
An older male (50+) who wanks regularly
Bob: check that guy out, he looks like a petifile

Bill: nah, more like a Moza
by mcmurderdeath86 March 24, 2009
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