a term describing the condition of one's or boyfriend's boxers upon waking up as they have bunched up and now look like the character Mowgli's shorts. This term is especially valid if your boyfriend's hair is absolutely ridiculous.
Girlfriend: Hah, you have a total mowgli right now...

Boyfriend: (looks down and then looks at girlfriend seductively) Wanna take care of it for me?

Girlfriend: Okay. (pulls shorts down) What'd you think I was talking about?
by meowmixissexym May 24, 2010
Ugly lookin person u dont know......e.g. Dermy
Look at that mowgli

Mate your face is mowgli
by Mowgli.. June 08, 2009
Mowgli is a fictional character in "The Jungle Books" by Rudyard Kipling (1894-1895)
Mowgli's stories
by Marc February 24, 2004
Kick ass pledge of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.
Yo, man. Did you see Mowgli last night? He destroyed almost a whole thirty by himself.
by Achilles1901 February 21, 2009
A nick name given to a kick ass kid from Idaho from a friend because he came to school with a bad hair day.
Friend. hey you look like the kid from the Jungle Book. Im gona call you Mowgli.

Me. Umm... Ok...
by Mowgli779 September 03, 2008
Dirty, Filthy House DJ who likes phat bass/
Boot it again (mowgli remix) - chemical brothers
by fidget58 July 27, 2008
1. n- a short bald North American ape with a uncharacteristically loud cry. Smaller cousin of Qwyjbo.
Damnit, here comes Mowgli.
by paw paw April 02, 2004

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