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Movie Star Planet(MSP)is a computer game. It is played by many teens and young children. In this game,the main reason you play is to get fame.Fame determines what level you are on. It goes up to level 25. You get an avatars that you can dress up. But you need star coins to do this. Also you can get a VIP package. This cost real money. But if you buy it you get thousands of star coins,diamonds,and you get to do other awesome things!
Moviestarplanet-Ex- I'm a VIP so I can buy lots of clothes and earn more fame!
#games #famous #movie star #fame #shopping
by auttiemiller January 01, 2014
A child and teenagers game site on which there are games, videos, chat rooms, and more. This is probably the only site with a chat room on which your children can be safe. It will not let anyone post numbers, spellings of numbers, anything remotely close to a cuss word (it even blocks frick and frik frak), you cannot say the words kill killed or die, and for some odd reason you cannot say the word lettuce. My computer is currently banned from movie star planet because I told someone I wanted lettuce. If anyone knows why the word lettuce is anything remotely sexual or rude please email me.
I got on moviestarplanet last night they kicked me out for no apparent reason.
#game #child networking site #media #strict #why god just why #i worked so long on that game #lettuce
by 666satanswife666 May 27, 2014
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