Top Definition
Something that you say to tell someone, especially rude, to:

1. get out of your face or get out your face
2. leave you alone
3. move to the next (another person)
4. move to the side
5. get out of your/the way or get out your way
6. get away
7. go elsewhere (relocate)
Move around if all you is is a mouthpiece.

You ain't saying nothing, move around."

I'm not gonna argue with you, so move around if that's your intentions.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 08, 2006
Used in Texas slang for get out my face, get away, or relocate.
"Man, you talking all that bullsh**...move around!"
"You ain't talking about nothing, so move around."
"We had to move around."
by LADI March 21, 2006

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