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The lingo used amongst mountainbike folk.
Examples of "Mountainese":

"It's a little technical."
-- Last time we rode here, we cracked a frame, had 3 snake bites, and taco-ed a wheel.

"This is the last climb."
-- This is really not the last climb, in fact, we're not even halfway. but if i tell you that, chances are you'll throw down your bike and won't talk to me for a month.

"I found this kick-ass trail!"
-- Pack your ID and some KY jelly, because chances are we'll spend the night in jail for trespassing.

"A yard sale"
-- A horrendous crash that leaves all your various "wares" -- water bottles, pump, tool bag, etc. -- scattered as if on display for sale.

" 'rhoid buffing"
-- Going down a hill so steep that your butt touches the rear wheel

"Hope you got your granny gear working!"
-- We're going to do some never-ending, impossible climbs. (A granny gear is the lowest gear available on a bike, designed for ultra-steep uphill climbing.)

by Elvo October 23, 2007
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