A substitution for "motherfucker" when a rated R film is shown on tv.
"Motivator, my 'stuff' is for real, yo."
by harken_x February 27, 2009
Top Definition
a fuckin' jarhead that loves nothing more than the corps. he thinks, breathes, eats, masterbates to, and shits with the corps always, and i mean ALWAYS on his mind. to him, there is nothing more tasty and more satisfying than devouring a fucking MRE for breakfast. there is nothing more pleasing than the feeling after you complete a fucking 24-hour O-Course pt session with sandbags. motivators are known to enlist for 26-60 year contracts at one time without ever thinking about it twice. they are also known to use the strange, yet amusing "Oo-rah" phrase to acknowledge anything from "yes" and "no" to the common "good morning" and "i understand".
Hey look, there's that fuckin' motivator. I don't believe I've ever seen him wear something that's not Olive Drab Green.
by Sgt Devildog February 13, 2006
1) Someone who is so "motivated" about being in the Marine Corps they act like an excessively happy faggot. They love following every rule the USMC makes up no matter how stupid or rediculous it might be. They say "OOORAH" as a "greeting of the day" and while accepting and order. They say "OOORAH" so much they make you hate the word.
1) PFC Schmuckatelli: " Dude I hate these motivator's in formation. Every fucking sentence GySgt says they reply with an "OORAH," they're wearing that shit out real quick."

LCP Benotz: "Yeah no shit! Ecspecially PFC Milton, he is such a fucking motivator."
by LCpl Schmuckatelli October 20, 2006
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