Top Definition
A kind way to say Mother fucker
Man 1: Whats up mother fudger?
Man 2: nothin much bitch
by Anthony_15 September 04, 2006
A mother that eats fudge.
John: Hey Bill, does your mom like fudge?

Bill: Yeah, she's a real motherfudger.
by Miksavish September 11, 2009
The nice version of mother fucker. Probably used by people who don't cuss, or are trying not to.
Jerry is such a mother fudger!
by Dephect September 22, 2006
A way for Middle School students to get away with "cursing"
Makes them feel powerful, but trouble free.
Timmy: Ahhh Mother Fudger!
Bobby: Nice save Timmy!
by bitchassnugget March 17, 2016
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