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A thoroughbred racehorse that dominates the field with the power of 10,000 mother fuckers.

Secretariat ran like a fucking motengator.
by The Bullet March 15, 2008
A tiny man/gator who lives in the woods of east Tennessee, under old wooden bridges, and is kin to trolls. When it's dark outside he runs up to you, shakes your leg, and then runs off.
"I just got shook by a moten gator." "Did you see him?" "No, he just ran off."
by Ledbatz February 29, 2008
1. Gargantuan, immense (adj.)
2. 10,000 motherfuckers (interjection)
3. A mean-ass swamp monster, specifically a mythical alligator with two heads. (noun)
4. Euphemism for motherfucker (used along the gulf coast by African Americans)
Man, that shit is motengator!

That sumbitch is one fat motengator; he can't even fit through the door.
by Randall Paxton September 03, 2007
A hillbilly m'fer who thinks he is a real womanizer.
Look at ole Brad in there, he's just an 'ol Motengator!
by budderskins November 04, 2010

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