Someone who is more retarded.
I dislike certain bands based on drugs and not their music.
by The Boy October 05, 2004
Top Definition
Lacking any social skill or polish; severely gauche.
Dude, that guy's motarded! He keeps randomly punching people and then crying.
by robbieboy74 January 07, 2006
Socially retarded, lacking any social skill.
Dude that guy's motarded! He keeps randomly punching people and then crying.
by robbieboy74 January 05, 2006
most retarded
That hillbilly used a screen door for a gate. Isn't that just motarded?
by staticbrain August 17, 2009
When a person performs his/her job or task with such a high level of motivation it makes them appear retarded. Motivated-Retarded.
Scene: One army platoon has guard shift.

Larry: Hey how are you doing? Are you ok? Do you want to go get some coffee? Do you need anything? Are you cold? Have you seen anything?

Nick: Larry calm down, I'm fine. I don't need anything. Just go back to your post and calm down!

Larry: Ok I was just checking to see if you were alright. Well I'm going to go, I've got 5 other posts to check.

Nick: Ok Larry, do whatever. Just don't have a heart attack. (Larry Leaves) Man that guy is motarded. I swear he takes this job far too serious. He's going to have a heart attack one of these days.
by PICK-your-VAN-KOOP January 20, 2011
A person in the military who is so motivated they are a fucking idiot, or retarded. Following rules and regulations to the proverbial "T" while not taking into consideration mission accomplishment or troop welfare.

Also, being so motivated in hope of gaining rank faster in order to be able to tell others what to do without being hit in the face because they had their lunch money stolen in high school. They receive absolutely no respect elseware, therefore they stay in the military out of fear of the real world.
Justin is fucking "motarded"
by disgruntled guy November 19, 2005
Adj./Mil A combination of "motivated" and "retarded". So motivated that the individual looses common sense and does dangerous or outright stupid things, or follows protocol to the point that the individual fails to achive things. IE, the individual is so motivated that they are retarded.
Person 1: "Alex ran out into the open at a Machine Gun Nest to try and shoot the crew"
Person 2:"Well, we've always known he was motarded, but I admit that brings it to new heights."
by Dab Brill May 28, 2005
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