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Money making SCAM of a TV show that supposedly investigates paranormal activity but infact consists of nothing more then endless screaming, specs of dust cunningly termed "orbs" and a fake medium with questionable taste in jewellery and hair.
Oh look, Living TV have 8 hours of Most Haunted on tonight.
by Brigante June 21, 2005
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A TV reality show that supposedly investigates hauntings, which usually consists of 30 minutes of stories, and encounters. 15 minutes of supposed mediums talking to dead people. 5 minutes of dust. Then the final 10 minutes of the Hostess screaming.
Wow, after watching Most Haunted I just realized that's an hour I'll never get back.
by Bartlett Lanes December 07, 2007
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Cool tv show where a team of investigators visit the most haunted places in Britain and stay there all night to find ghosts and hopefully catch something on camera, which they have done on many occasions, it is impossible to be a sceptic after watching this show!
by mosthaunted#1fan February 23, 2004
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