1) American version of Japanese gameshow "Takeshi's Castle," now featuring two mis-matched teams pit against each other in this bastion of low-brow comedy. Features hosts Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano, field reporter Guy LeDouche, field marshall Captain Tenneal, massive amounts of mystery sludge, and repeated and frequent use of the word "Babaganoosh". Abbreviated MXC.
"Hey, someone find his baba. We can reattach it to his ganoosh." - Kenny Blankenship, about Yella Babaganoosh's most painful elimination.
by Madelynne February 02, 2004
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A long time ago (I believe the 80s) there was a game show in Japan called Takehashi's Castle. 100 people would try to take over a castle, but to get to it they'd have to go through obstacles, most of which were extremely dangerous and extreme, and if you lost the game you were eliminated.

Years later, Spike TV took the show and turned it into a show called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, or MXC. They dubbed it badly with funny, often perverted commentary by the two host Vic Romano and Ken Blankenship, and edited out the prizes and things like that.
Break your neck, win a toaster!

"What do we always say? DON'T GET ELIMINATED!"
by Newbia June 17, 2004
1) Scenario:
A male contestant dressed in a roll of bamboo shoots must climb up a hill covered in foam, while avoiding giant acorns being rolled down the hill at him. The starting point at the bottom of the hill is covered in bushes.
2) Action:
The contestant is hit by rolling acorns and is forced back to the starting point.
"Well I guess after taking a few nuts on the chin, it must feel pretty good to be back in the bush".
All very legitimate and wholesome when taken in context.
by Mark January 06, 2004
One of Spike TV's best shows. This game show from Japan, poorly dubbed on purpose by sex-starved perverts, features contestants who do the craziest and most dangerous tasks in order to help their team win.
Some of the best parts of the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge show are the Log-Drop, Boulderdash, Sinkers and Floaters, Pole Riders, Domonoes, and Wall Bangers.
by sarcastic December 04, 2003
Funniest show ever made in history featuring Vic Romano, Kenny Blankenship, Captain Tenneal, Guy La Dueche (translated meaning "guy of shit")and alot of contestants just waiting to be humiliated on public television, featured on Spike TV the first network for men with 6 straight episodes every weekday night.
The show was origionally "Tekeshi's Castle" just now it's added a few things;Kenny and Vic (the perverted hosts),Guy La Duche(gay field reporter), and Captain Tenneal (ummm... i dont really know what he is),as well as a voice over commentary.
Simply put: funny show hosted by jackasses where alot of people try to complete events (often failing)

'Nuff said
I watched the show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and laughed my ass off
by Aqua April 14, 2005
1. one of the best contestant shows (japanese) ever on spike tv that include jumping on walls wearing velcro, running across logs and swinging on ropes, etc.

2. A show that was originated by takeshi's castle. There is a funny dubbed over version here in america. Hosts include Kevin and Vic. Guy Douche also pitches in as well.

3. see mxc
me: let's watch the most extreme challenge marathon on spike.
joe: right you are, andrea.
by andreacky772 September 01, 2004
Japanese TV show, originally called Takeshi's Castle (and still called that in the UK) redubbed and renamed for American Audiences.

The show starts with 100 contestants pitting their wits and guile against Takeshi's guards through a series of challenges (including running across a bridge while being fired on with balls and running head-first into doors to find the paper one that won't knock you out), culminating in a final showdown with the surviving contestants against the Emerald Guard to defeat Takeshi and storm the castle.

Watch the UK version; it's far better. Or the Japanese version as it's an hour or so long!

Oh, and it's the same Takeshi from the Japanese film Battle Royale.
Watch most extreme elimination challenge, it rocks.
by Warlock January 11, 2004
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