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A guy who is sweet, kind, funny, smart, perfect, amazing, the best boyfriend ever, understanding, cute, sexy, great, and all the adjectives that describe the greatest person in the world (: Has been know to make innocent girls' hearts melt.
"My boyfriend is just like a Moshe."
":O NO WAY! HE MUST BE PERFECT! I am so jealous."
by poopylovesmooshy April 27, 2009
A person who is obsessed with tea. It is not a good idea to permit this person to drink an excess in tea, the end result would be a catastrophic Crazed maniac.
If you spot a Moshe with a tea high,contact the TMCU ( Tea Maniac Control Unit) immediately!
by moshex004 May 21, 2008
an alcoholic beverage consisting of a mix of either vodka, whiskey, scotch, rum or any other hard liquor with gatorade, or crystal light, juice or/and pop
Ya, lets make some moshe so we don't get drunk that fast
by moshemixer August 19, 2010
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