The place where a general fight at a punk concert breaks out when everyone is rocking out. The action of fighting in this manner is generally referred to as moshing.

There are different types of moshpits, including, but not limited to:
1. The kind where the huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys get in this fist fight. Unless you are a member of this group of huge, strong, steel-toed boot guys, it is advisable to stay away from these unless you want the living crap beaten out of you. A circle of unoccupied space often forms around this moshpit even within the confines of a dense crowd.

2. The kind where everyone is pushing towards the stage in order to get closer to the band. It is generally hard to breathe in these if you are under 6 feet tall or are surrounded by a bunch of very tall people. Also called a squish.

3. The kind where everyone shoves each other no matter what size or gender the participants are. Mostly everyone has their elbows out so that when they get ran into, the person shoving into them receives some sort of bruising. Often result in bruises and broken glasses, but no broken bones.
1. Mosher 1: Dude! You just got the shit beaten out of you in that mosh pit!
Mosher 2 (friend of mosher 1): I think my nose is broken.

2. Mosher 1 (over 6 ft tall): You okay down there? this mosh pit is suffocating!
Mosher 2 (under 6 ft tall): *muffled sounds of attempted speaking*

3. Mosher 2: Shit! I just got elbowed in the face!
by concertgoersunite October 15, 2007
when at a concert, somebody turns around at you and suddenly pushes you for no reason so then you go along with it and hit the other guy next to you, resulting in this whole fight where no one is even paying attention to the music.
*giant mosh pit going on, when suddenly somebody screams, "oh my god, here come the punks!" then everyone runs out of the way because they know they are going to get their ass kicked*

watch out for the guys with the mohawks, you will get your ass kicked.
by my nameeeerrrrr April 17, 2005
During a rock concert screaming fans beat the shit out of eachother.
I brought a gat into the mosh pit and as soon as some idiot tried to punch me I started bustin.
by i dont kno August 10, 2004
The name for the wet stain under your armpits after you sweat in gym class.
Jessii- We had fitness blast today and all the guys mosh pited.
Steph- omg that is gross.
by UnkownUser556733495 March 31, 2009
A pit for actual metal concerts where people kick eachothers ass to the music. Not to be confused with the following

nu-metal concerts: There is never and never has been an actual moshpit at any nu-metal show. That's actually a bunch of punks trying to rub up against eachother

Windmill/Kung-fu wannabes: When the music starts they ignorantly walk around in a circle flailing their arms like idiots trying to start shit.

Slaming into eachother: You don't go into a pit to slam into the other faggots, you go to kick the living shit out of them.

Usually moshpits are full of morons who are too drunk to even think. They only occur at metal concerts...anywhere else is just a bunch of idiots who think they are moshing.
At a slayer or cannibal corpse concert you will find out what a real mosh pit is!
by Shadow0fDeath August 14, 2004
1:emo/scene people usally hardcore danceing in a tight group
2:a place where some people just go in to hurt people
3:dance craze at a rock concert
Person 1:so i see you went in the mosh pit.
Person 2:really how'd you tell?
Person 1:you have a black eye.
Person 2:oh.
by icanwhistle September 06, 2008
A place a a concert where people go to listen to loud music and carried across the crowd. SEE mosh
DUDE, did you see me moshing in the mosh pit at the Disturbed concert?
by Alex J. November 15, 2003
A place where men with homosexual tendencies (but they are afraid to admit it) go to rub their dicks on each other, and occasionally gang rape an unsuspecting girl who happens to be standing too close to the melee.
BillyBob: "I liked that mosh pit. It made me feel all funny like when I climb the rope in gym class."

Sheep: "Bhaaaaa..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD March 16, 2007
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