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An English Cunt normally found trolling the server.
<moseph> Mother fucker... QUIT WHINING ABOUT FUCKING C COMPILER!!!
<MatteWan> i've never laughed so much on irc....... you should install gentoo more often... its hilarious
by mortimus September 19, 2006
Person who loves Brianna
by John March 06, 2003
A homosexual guy who self-consciously attempts to act straight by appropriating stereotypically masculine cultural markers. The word combines 'mo (homo) and broseph. gay
"Despite always wearing a backwards baseball hat and slugging beers with the frat guys, I can tell you that baseball team's pitcher is a total moseph."
by Farkus9966 July 05, 2008
Ruanchy sex, actions, or comments
Joe has man boobs so I don't think he gets any moseph.
by Jazzie.Jinxx. May 08, 2008
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