Some faggot who wears fake ears and a fake nose...fukking gothic troll
Mortiis looks like if someone animated a pile ov shit.
by Dante January 12, 2004
Top Definition
Mortiis may be the most original artist ever. There are many myths about the mystic Mortiis but who knows what is true and what is false. Mortiis has published a book called Secrets of my Kingdom which some people believe contains a knowledge unfit for the human psyche, causing those who read it to go instantly insane. Lately he has gone more commercial then before, but how can we understand the complex mind of this beeing who is so much greater then us.
Mortiis is the embodiment of greatness itself - the deaf sage of R`yleh
by fiestacat April 16, 2004
An excellent abience/insustrial synth artist who has an amazing stage show and wears goblin/troll make-up.
Mortiis fucking owns.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
a romanian word for dead people,an insult or a compliment depending on the person you are reffering to,famous romanian web site
mortii matii(your mothers dead).Geo,Mircea,Breton,Zeama si savin sunt vai mortii.(Geo,Mircea,Breton,Zeama and Savin are loosers
by hummelboy June 19, 2009
A mentally ill scandanavian troll,who plays strange techno-rock on his keyboard. Also known as the locust master.
They sacrifice themselves to the locust master!
by Dan April 20, 2004
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