Top Definition
Evil Brother of Famous Business Cartoon Character, 'Dilbert'.

Smells like Unwashed Crotch
"Pubert, your fired!"
by PimpWyld November 05, 2003
Nick-name for a man who enjoys shaving his name into his pubes......

yo pubert hows them pubes lookin!!!!
by PUB3RT April 26, 2009
V. the act of experiencing adolescence or puberty; to have an intense emotional outburst attributed to hormonal imbalance during adolescence
"On one hand, she knew she needed to do her chores, but she was puberting very hard that day and stayed in her room to mope instead."
by Lilith70 December 02, 2008
nuther word for a pube, nigga
damn bitch hoe nigga dat tight nuns got a fuckloada thick puberts, for shizzle my nizzle
by mc ebony May 08, 2003
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