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when groups of people act like total idiots for hours on end
especially people that are high, or people that are just plain stupid. a combination of the words moron and marathon
father kicking in door-alright you potheads, stop the moronathon and get the hell out!
by arch king October 28, 2005
Expanding on above definition, also used in singular sense to describe a person who is simply a moron. The extra suffix is just used to rolling effect and may sound more refined than simply "moron". Expanding on above definition, could also be the merging of moron and marathon to denote the idea of a very large group of idiots running in a race which ended a week ago and thinking that the streets are deserted because they are just way ahead of the pack.
In a heated argument, your say he's a moron, he says you're a moronathon, and you hang your head in defeat.
by diablo1010 October 26, 2009
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