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A person that is to stupid to qualify as a moron. Someone whos lack of inteligence is insulting to most human beings. A person with no excuse for wasting oxygen on our planet.
That guy is the biggest moroff I've ever seen!
by cardboard to death September 13, 2009
7 2
Derivative of the term Moron, a person that is so stupid they aren't even "on", they are "off".
you aren't even a mor-on, you are a mor-off
by Jon December 24, 2003
16 13
To stupid to even be called a Moron.
That dude was such a Moron, no, you know what, he's not even that, he was too freakin lame and irritating to be a moron he's like, a Moroff!
by Slick J July 30, 2009
2 1
Someone too stupid to be a moron
John, while fleeing from the police, cut off his Johnson and threw it at the pursuing officers. What a moroff!
by Hitman2/3 January 19, 2010
0 1
When you call someone a "moron", you are saying they are stupid. When you call someone a "moroff", you are saying they are so stupid they should be institutionalized. A moron's moron.
You're such a moroff that dumb and dumber would feel sorry for you!
by Brainless Brian May 27, 2006
9 10
Someone who is more off than on. Like a moron, but worse.
Jake gets fired from every job he has. He's such a moroff.
by JTMT October 17, 2008
1 3