When a male gets a erection in the morning or as soon as he gets up. Meaning getting a boner in the morning.
Jose:Why did you not wake up
Pj: Because i got a Morning Wood
by GetItOn October 19, 2009
The erection that men will have in the morning, just after they wake up. It's the way a mans body says "Wake up, or I will annoy the shit out of you."
Person: "Well, you're awake early."
Man:"I had to wake up because my morning wood wouldn't let me go back to sleep.."
by IInSSyNc February 21, 2014
When a person wakes up with a boner. Common in guys that sleep directly facing the bed.
Riley: Ew Dr. J I don't wanna see your man boner
Dr J: Its just Morning Wood Riley
by RaooMamooAmadoo August 08, 2016
When a man wakes up to go pee in the morning and misses the toilet because his Woody is happy asf
*birds chirping* *guy yawning*

Guy: good morning sunshine

* Walks to the toilet and pulls down pj's*

Guy: I just need to pee real quick then I'll go to work. *pissssssssssss* *misses*

by Just_a_guy_named_grandpa April 09, 2016
the thing that you'll miss the most when you will become old
Suresh: Damn! I got a morning wood of biblical proportions today. It was aching & I had to remove my undies.

Ramesh: Well, having morning wood is a sign of youth. You're gonna cherish these woody memories a lot when your hair will become all white.
by spunkTanker April 28, 2011
When you wake up in the morning and you find a plank of wood with eyes and a mouth in your bed.
When you wake up in the morning,
What's the first thing that you see,
it's your MORNING WOOD!

Look around your neighborhood!
Everybody has...
by Tristana December 12, 2012
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