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morgy's my bffl....2 wks ago we made skate boarder names and her's is miki... her fav. color is green....shes a major slut (jkjk).....she can b bitchy sometimes, but then again we're all bitchy......we love her though.... our english teacher is reallly nice but she's a really bad dresser and me and morgy think she should be on the show WHAT NOT TO
ps-"Googlielmo"--lol morgy
<3 miki is a great friend to have cus she's always got ur bak <3
by Lindsay D (Lili) May 03, 2005
morgy is one of my 6th grade camp we called her froggy....and 2 wks ago we all made up skate boarder names and hers is miki
morgy can be a slut (most of the time) but shes also one of the only person i can talk to about stuff and she cont go tell every1......
she can be a (bitch) sometimes, but then again we all r at one point...
its really funny cus every1 in out "group" has their period around the same time so we're all (bitchy) at the same time and we start yelling and screaming..its entertaining
we love her....eventhough shes a slut, bitch and a (SLUT).........jkjk
by Lindsay D (Lili) May 03, 2005
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