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Nickname for the word "Nigger" so its ok for white people to say "Morgans!!" but really they mean "Nigger"
ya Damn Morgans
by Willbur Excalibur November 07, 2010
5 3
Most amazing girl ever! She is athletic and has a great body. She has a nice butt and breast. She is everything and more. She will always be wanted by a guy. Nothing will ever get in the way of this beautiful outgoing girl!
"Damn Morgan is looking sexy today!"

"To bad she has a man, wish I could be him!"
by that guy9 December 10, 2013
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A person with a big penis who is good at fucking and breaks girls legs when he fucks them
Booty bigbut Morgan
by MORGSTER May 21, 2013
2 1
A Morgan is a friend who is very funny, and can play the trumpet. She is good at making you laugh, and coming up with plans. Morgans are amazing at keeping secrets (unless they are about said Morgan) and keeping inside jokes going. A Morgan has many names to
=D <------ Morgan
by fineIwillUseSomethingElseThen January 22, 2013
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A goofy guy, usually good looking with dark hair, amazin light eyes and an awesome smile. He can make anyone laugh, and he has an awesome laugh. Usually used to describe something singular, but can be used for something plural as well.
Ex. 1
Guy 1: Dude, Morgan was so funny in class today!

Guy 2: I know! My stomach still hurt from laughing so much

Ex. 2
Girl 1: OMG, I met this guy, and he has the BEST personality, and the most gorgeous eyes, he makes me laugh so much too!

Girl 2: He's a Morgan, no doubt about it!
by Idcwututhinkimme November 18, 2012
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Morgan is a sexy man who is tall and has dark hair as well as dark eyes. He's romantic and funny and is very very attractive.
He was sexy in other words Morgan.
by Sexy Morgan Rox February 22, 2014
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Name. A 'Morgan' is a person of unmatched sexuality and mystery. A Morgan maintains a high level of wit and charecter. If you spark his interest, he will provide a love uniquely for you. He is passionate, true and confident. He has a way of making you feel like you're the only one.
He is so sexy and mysterious. He must be a 'morgan'!
by lyn1177 January 29, 2014
1 1