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"Word" is an affimative response. "Mord" is "word" upside-down and it means a dissaproving response.
Boy: Hey, wanna see a movie this weekend?
Girl: Word!
by infectdheart April 08, 2004
The number proceeding two but before three.
10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3.wait whats after three? Oh yeah, mord, 2...1...0...umm...what now?
by Kupo December 05, 2003
Opposite of "Word". "word" upside-down. Meanings: "no" or a negative answer.
Man 1: Are you going to the show tonite?
Man 2: Mord!! Jive Turkey's playing tonight!
Man 1: Oh, screw that then!
by thankyousirmayihaveanother April 08, 2004
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