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The ironic way to spell moron.
"Get a brain! Morans"
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Someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, who thinks they know everything but actually no nothing.
Hilliary Clinton is a moran.
by Johhny B September 15, 2007
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Representative James Moran (D-Va), a liberal Democrat opposed to the Bush administration. As such, strongly disliked by Bush supporters. One Bush supporter disliked him so much that he made a sign saying "Get a brain, Morans!" obviously with the intent to imply that Representative James Moran is a moron.
Representative James Moran: "I believe that the war in Iraq is the most pressing issue facing our country today. An early and outspoken opponent of the war, I voted against authorizing the President to go to war, co-authoring the Democratic alternative resolution which required President Bush to fully exhaust all diplomatic options before taking military action. I was also the original author of legislation that required the Defense Department, for the first time, to begin providing Congress with regular reports detailing how military operations were progressing in Iraq."

Sign guy: "Get a brain, Moran! Go USA!"
by Mike April 28, 2007
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full random
i come up with the strangest shit eg: freezing a spoon and putting it on your nuts.
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in its roots, gay
commonly used to define any one of the three degrees of gayness, as the "moran" is all three at once
originated in the College Park, MD area
Oh my god, that's so fucking moran.
This thermodynamics homework is moran as shit.
by Puck February 20, 2005
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