v. the sexual act of stimulating a penis by "mopping" it with a vagina. much rubbing and clitoral attention included, with little or no penetration.
That hooker last night was rubbing her clit with my cock and mopping my unit, her stanky juices were dripping onto my balls...
by finkleandeinhorn January 07, 2007
Top Definition
v. to shoplift, to steal.
Drag queen: Gurl, the only way you got that Versace dress was you been mopping.
by fritterfae October 21, 2013
The act of cleaning the cum off of your mouth, after giving head, with the mans pubes
I love mopping the cum off of my mouth with your pubes.
by beanercunt February 28, 2011
Slang for masturbating.
"I'm on my way over"
"OK, I'm almost done mopping"
"By mopping, do you mean masturbating?"
"No, by mopping, I mean cleaning the floor with a mop, but that works, too!"
by yankeemofo May 14, 2012
when you let your mom do your shopping or you take mom with you shopping
mom: john im going shopping for your school clothes

john: no mom dont go mopping!
by Jay Ello August 10, 2007
The act of vigorously mopping up liquid from the floor, generally semen, with your sexual partner's head.
"Oops, I just ejaculated on the floor"
"Don't worry, you can use me for a bit of mopping"
by Shishmeister July 31, 2007
To be high on ecstasy. Originated in the bay area.
Fuck dude... i took those 2 E tablets yesterday and i was mopping all night...
by Yeeeeeeeeee September 12, 2006
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