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Verb; acting suspiciously. A police slang word for a non-existent crime. A derivative of the noun mope.
I'm about to pop that dude for mopery with intent to gawk.
by excop January 08, 2015
Loitering while walking. Hanging out in an environ, i.e. a particular block; moving so as to avoid arrest on more traditional loitering charges. Mopery is not a real charge or violation of the law, but a descriptive term, stretching the legalities of loitering, which would include staying in one place.
So you are convicted of mopery, not loitering.
by poleece January 02, 2006
"indecent exposure in the presence of a blind person of the same sex" is mopery
person 1:(walks into dads home naked) "DAAAD IM HOME!"
person 1's dad:"Is that you son?"<walks into wall because he is blind> is an example of mopery
by (KILGORETROUT)Vonnegut Rileya March 28, 2009
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