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several meanings;

1. to ejaculate
2. to have sexual intercouse with
3. to fuck-up

very similar meaning to 'fuck'
Yo Ajay, you know I moozled your chick right?

Damn that maths exam was a moozle!

I just moozled over porn, it was great!
by yusufpatpat November 30, 2014
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To Moozle, To wonder around aimlessly for a long period of time. Also; Moozled, Moozling

Prenounced: Moo-zle
Person 1: "what did you do today?
Person 2: "got up, moozled around"
by Jack MH July 13, 2005
A command for someone to move his or her feet.
Fred: So I thought that I could convince him to buy-
George: Moozle.
Fred: What?
George: Moozle, my feet don't have any room.
by Owldude March 29, 2010
Muslim. In many European languages "Muselman" is the term for Muslim. "Musel" turned to Moozle.
There are a lot of Moozles in France these days. I talked to a Moozleman yesterday.
by zoigling June 23, 2007

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