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the crotch region of a man (man cooter)
That bread theivin' biznatch socked me right in the mooter!
by Breasticle Festival June 22, 2006
An old jazz musician term for marijuana from the 1930s. Part of the secret lingo used for public obfuscation.
"Hey bro, you got any mooter on you? I'm out."
by Red Ipson September 17, 2011
Like "man boobs" or "moobs" only fuller and rounder. An unsettling site common in the 50 and over crowd and the video gaming community. can often be seen in communal showers and health club saunas
My buddy:Holy fuck I saw old Carl in the shower after work, he's got some real moobs!

Me: No Dude, Those aren't moobs, those are some real mooters
by GaryTheVanillaGorilla November 10, 2010
An Ugly person, mainly females! Used in south-east UK or modern cockney
Look at her she's a right mooter!
by TLC-PS3-2007 May 17, 2007
When you go into a restaurant named, and famous for, waitresses with large breasts, they wear t-shirts that say "Hooters". But when all the waitresses have small boobs, they should probably wear shirts that say "Mooters" because really, what's the point. The food sucks anyway.
Dude, did she leave her tits at home?
Yeah. Hooters? That point is moot. Those are mooters.
by sbk510 January 25, 2013
A man scooter which is used by people from the area of Dudley.

Usually they crash when trying to pass people.
I spoke to Mark today, who managed to crash his mooter when trying to pass someone on the pavement.
by Acora! May 30, 2013
when a guy has a male version of breasts, either by extra fat or from working out aka man hooter
WOW, that guy has some serious mooters
by Gas Man Chris October 21, 2009

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