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The slightly bigger version of camel toe....Usually refered to as the "fat girls" camel toe...the moose nuckle!!
Holy shit, that aint to camel toe thats a motha fucking moose nuckle....i dare you to go tell her to pick it...
by joe January 18, 2005
when a guys pants are to tight in the crotch and snug up between the ball sack creating two protrusions. the male version of a camel toe.
that guy should not wear a speedo, it gives him moose nuckles!
by groupie#1 September 22, 2006
an oversized camel's toe.....balogna on pumpernickle
that woman's twat is so big that it looks like she's hiding a moosenuckle in her panties
by Drew May 16, 2003
The outline of the vagina, usually caused by extremely tight pants.
DAMMNN, check out Mrs. O'Briens moose nuckle.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
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