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poontang on the moon or in outer space
In the year 3 thousand..

Dibrikishaw: Yo Elmer i'm headin up to outer space this weekend for some poontang with my girl.

Elmer: Don't you be callin that intergalactic pussy poontang. Up on the moon we call that moontang.

Dibrikishaw: My bad nigga, but you know its better on the moon.
by richsingles69k March 08, 2010
A strange looking drink or liquid substance that when ingested induces moments of euphoria and an intense lack of concentration.
"Be careful, don't drink that moon tang too fast or you'll flip out"
by CQDQ May 20, 2009
Derived from poontang, moontang is the homosexual vagina, or anus.
As the homosexual viewed a passing man's buttocks, he exclaimed," Wow, I'd love to get me some of that sweet moontang!"
by Dis of Plutos March 04, 2005
A crazy mother %@#&er who is down to do anything. Usually a big kid that does ridiculous shit.
Dude that kid is a total moontang; he drank 8 beers, 9 shots of jack daniels, and smoked a FUCKTON of weed! hes crazy man.
by Parly 100 October 08, 2009
Ass, or the object of anal sex.
where as her her knees were closed every 28 days, her moontang boasted an open door policy.
by Scandall May 25, 2008
When someone eats the bits of toliet paper stuck to the hairs in your butt-crack.
Billy Jack was shocked to find bits of Bob's moon tang still stuck on his upper lip the next morning.
by WookiedRick September 28, 2005
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