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a back flip that ends on the stomach in stead of the feet used in pro wresling done from the top rope middle rope of ladders cages the apron the ground
matt hardy just moonsaulted chrsitain on that ladder sick
by xion May 07, 2005
A pro wrestling move that entails a 270-degree backflip, with the performer beginning in an upright position and landing on his stomach, preferably on top of an opponent.

Moonsaults are often done from the top turnbuckle to the center of the ring
Example? I don't need no stinking example
by jack May 19, 2004
Backflip from the top turnbuckle to the center of the ring on top of an opponent, in the pro sport of wrestling. This move, along with the Haurracanrana, is beautifully done by the georgeous Lita.
Did you see the way Lita took that bitch down with the Moonsault?!?
by Katie June 13, 2004
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