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Pussy that can be seen when a girl has mooned you
Guy1:Did you see the ass on that girl that just mooned us?
Guy2:Naw man I was too busy starring at that moonpoon
by JDRyan September 10, 2008
pussy that is so good you think your on the moon
Yo man, that chick has some moon poon.
by asdfosfoadsfodsf September 10, 2008
An attractive female, usually considered out of your league.
"Yo man, see that banging girl over there at the bar? I'm gonna go hit that up."
"Good luck man, but that's moonpoon. Your fugly ass doesn't have a chance."
by whitecarl June 11, 2008
An extremely pale girls vagina.
John: Fuck man, did you see that chick I banged last night, hot as fuck..
Jim: Really? She looked like she had a bit of a Moon-Poon.
by poonraiderxo August 04, 2011
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