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Very very very very very very very scary and carnivorous goats with big horns and pointy fangs. They feed on posers, fags and poser-fags, that cannot be included in the Necrowizard's blasphemous plan of Planet Norway. Moongoats are known to blasphemously drag the Necrowizards unholy necrobobsled, across the perpetually grim and Norwegiously frostbitten moonfjords of Abazagorath!
the blasphemous moongoat disemboweled 666 poserfags!
by Morbid Thor December 28, 2004
A blasphemous necro-animal of the Necrowizard.
Appears only when fullmoon is present.
While active, it seeks for posers to grimpale on its majestic horns ov blasphemy.

Does co-operate with acolytes of the Necrowizard.

Special note: Has incredibly huge balls, as all things grim do.
Look! There's a moongoat over there grimpaling posers!
by Grimlord December 27, 2004
The most awesome screen-name ever created. You may find him at Renderosity and YFTW.
Moon Goat taught me how to ride a bike.
by Moon Goat September 09, 2004
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