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Often used as a synonym for Seth Putnam (of Anal Cunt).

The master of all things grim, frostbitten, unholy, blasphemous, etc.
Primarily resides in His frozen winter fortress near the grim ice-fjords of upper northern north-Norway.

On the final day of frost, He will turn Earth into Planet Norway, erasing all lukewarmness and homosexuality from it.

His enemy is the Unnecrowizard, also known as Chris Barnes.
Hail the Necrowizard!
Oh my Necrowizard!
by Grimlord December 27, 2004
Named after the most frostbitten and grim country on this planet: Norway.

On the final day of frost, the Necrowizard will turn earth into Planet Norway.
This means that every single place on this earth will be covered with frost and ice, therefore all lukewarmness or heat will vanish from it, ultimately destroying people like Chris Barnes, Linkin Park, Korn, etc.

Planet Norway is the only goal allowed having when serving the Necrowizard as an acolyte, since having any other goals is gay, as stated by the blasphemous band Anal Cunt.
"Frown, my acolytes! Frown! For Planet Norway shall soon overcome this lukewarm place, also known as earth!"
by Grimlord December 28, 2004
A blasphemous necro-animal of the Necrowizard.
Appears only when fullmoon is present.
While active, it seeks for posers to grimpale on its majestic horns ov blasphemy.

Does co-operate with acolytes of the Necrowizard.

Special note: Has incredibly huge balls, as all things grim do.
Look! There's a moongoat over there grimpaling posers!
by Grimlord December 27, 2004
A blasphemous servant of the Necrowizard.
Works against the unacolytes of the Unnecrowizard and usually succeeds, considering the superior frost-power of the Necrowizard.
Attack, acolytes!
The acolytes gathered in order to satanically praise the Necrowizard.
by Grimlord December 27, 2004
Impaling someone in a grim way, on something grim (such as the horns of a Moongoat, frozen icicles, etc.)

Can only be done by grim beings, such as Moongoats or acolytes.
I command you to grimaple these unblasphemous posers, acolytes!
by Grimlord December 27, 2004
Grimlord is no other than A.P. From Pragersko - > Slovenia -> Europe.

Originaly found this nick quite a few years ago.

There can be only one!
<GrImLoRd_> Hey you!
<Grimlord> Who the f*** are you ?
<Grimlord> Loose this nick now!
by Grimlord March 17, 2005
Grimlord is A.P (person). From Pragersko -> Slovenia -> Europe !

There can be only one!
<Grimlord_> Hey you
<Grimlord> Who the f** 're u?
<Grimlord> Lose this nick now!
by Grimlord March 17, 2005

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